New birth of the legend – Hotel Kämp will be renovated by 2025

Kämp Hotel 21, March 2023

One of the Nordics' most iconic and well-known institutions, Hotel Kämp in Helsinki, is getting a complete face-lift. The grand hôtel of the Finnish capital will be renovated and upgraded to the highest possible standard in the luxury segment. The end result will be a completely renovated hotel that can meet the increased need for a wide selection of hotels in the luxury segment.

- Hotel Kämp is a crown jewel in the Nordic range of hotel experiences. The hotel is widely known and appreciated for offering its guests amazing experiences. Now is the time to give the hotel a proper face-lift in order to continue to meet and exceed guests' expectations. The renovation that is now taking place is done with great respect for the building's history, says hotel owner Petter Stordalen.

The property owner Ilmarinen has signed an extended lease agreement with Nordic Choice Hotels. The agreement means that Nordic Choice will conduct business in the properties for at least another 20 years.

- The collaboration between us as a property owner and Nordic Choice Hotels has a long-term perspective and security to continue developing the operations and properties in the coming years. Sustainability has naturally an essential role when renovating the hotels. Both hotels will be connected to a carbon-neutral district cooling. Heat recovery devices will be replaced with modern ones. Building automation system works also according to hotel quest needs to avoid unnecessary energy consumption, says Ville Laurila, Letting Manager Ilmarinen.

Hotel Kämp's renovation is currently being planned and is expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2023 and be completed by the end of 2025. The hotel will remain open during the renovation.