As the finest hotel in Helsinki, we don't only believe in fine exterior, but also value responsibility and sustainability in our operations highly. Together with our parent company, we share a tradition and culture of doing more than is expected — for our guests, our employees, the community and the environment. We call this work WeCare.

WeCare focus areas at Hotel Kämp

People and diversity

At Hotel Kämp, it is of utmost importance for us that besides our guest, every employee feels our warmth and hospitality. Our diversity is a strength visible in all our units. For example, there are over 30 different nationalities in our 100-member staff. We value all our staff equally, and we all work by shared rules and responsibilities.

Sustainable, high quality food

The food we serve is of high quality, healthy, and responsibly produced. We prefer buying organic and local produce, the quality of the ingredients as our priority. We consider well-planned ingredients and courses as sustainable actions too, helping us to minimize waste. Special diet options and ingredients' countries of origins are also included in our menus, and we refrain from using any Red List ingredients.

Sustainable trade

We take care of people and the planet by partaking in sustainable trading. We carry on discussions with our goods and service providers to make sure they also reach promised sustainable goals. Being part of the Nordic Hotels and Resorts community, the corporation wide value chain also relies on strong ethical demands.

Sustainable operations

We aim to operate our hotel with more positive impact on the planet. With our persistent work, we have obtained the Green Key certificate for sustainable travel, and our property has received the LEED Gold environmental certificate. In our daily operations we keep track and further our understanding on waste management, reduce consumption of electricity and water, recycle according to the recycling system on the property, and minimize the consumption of paper and single-use products.

We are also proud announce that we have been recognised as a Sustainability Leader by The Leading Hotels of the World. This designation helps signify members from Leading Hotels who have been certified according to standards aligned with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Criteria. It serves as a testament to community, culture, and environmental responsibility. Learn more about this program by clicking here.


Kämp is a vital part of the rich history and culture of Helsinki, and we contribute to keeping our neighbourhood lively and attractive. Collaborating with organizations that do important work for our community, such as HelsinkiMissio, Hope and We 4 You, is important to us. We proudly flag during the Pride festival, and are always open for new collaborations with organizations who share our values.

WeCare in our company

Our work for sustainability at Hotel Kämp is not done, and our goal is to further develop in our WeCare focus areas. As part of Strawberry, we also contribute to building a more sustainable hospitality industry in the Nordics together.