Iconic Hotel Kämp to be completely refurbished - "It's the third birth of the hotel"

Kämp Hotel 30, November 2023

Hotel Kämp is the iconic heart of Helsinki, which first opened its doors in 1887. The hotel reopened in 1999 after a major refurbishment. Now, the hotel, a symbol of classic luxury, is being refurbished once again, revitalising the heart of the city centre. The refurbishment will be carried out in phases, with the fully renovated hotel due to be completed in early 2026. The hotel will be open throughout the refurbishment.

The first authentic Grand Hotel in Finland, Hotel Kämp, embarks on a comprehensive refurbishment. Throughout this transformation, the entire hotel's ambiance and interior will be renewed, technology will be modernized, and the overall guest experience will be elevated to new heights. The refurbishment will be conducted with utmost respect for the hotel's history and character, ensuring that it evolves to meet the expectations of both classic luxury hotels and the demands of today and the future.

In 1999, the hotel reopened completely refurbished, and now we find ourselves on the brink of another significant transformation. Our discerning clientele, who values first-class quality and immersive experiences, expects a lot from us, and it is imperative that we continue to exceed their highest expectations. Therefore, we aim to evolve and, in doing so, establish a new standard for classic luxury in the heart of Helsinki. As General Manager Tuomas Liewendahl describes, we aspire to create a renewed experience that sets the bar for excellence at Hotel Kämp.

The renovation is a major project of around 100 million euros, carried out in cooperation with the owner of the property, Ilmarinen, and a team of various designers and experts. While the hotel will get an updated design, the building's technological infrastructure will also be upgraded to meet the demands of today.

We are making a historically significant investment in this refurbishment, and the magnitude of the investment undoubtedly reflects the extent of the transformation. We believe there is still immense growth potential in the luxury category within the Helsinki hotel market," remarks Erika Ehrnrooth, COO of Strawberry Finland.

The beating heart of the Pohjoisesplanadi as part of the vibrant city center

With the refurbishment, the hotel's floor plan is also under reconsideration, and the design table is brimming with ideas, including the expansion of a rooftop terrace and a winter garden.

"Kämp has historically played a significant role in revitalizing the heart of Helsinki and urban culture. We aim to continue this legacy. In addition to catering to international travelers, we want to provide unforgettable experiences for our local clientele — experiences that only Kämp can deliver," shares Liewendahl."

Guiding the hotel's transformation as the lead architect is the esteemed Finnish architectural firm, SARC Architects. The refurbishment will take place in phases, ensuring that the hotel continues to provide uninterrupted service to its guests throughout the entire project.

Culture, nature and history inspire the interior design of the hotel's public spaces

Internationally awarded Finnish design agency Fyra is responsible for the design of the hotel rooms and corridors. The design of the rooms will be a holistic spatial experience combining elegant luxury with opulent materials. The new rooms will be a tribute to the grandness of Kämp with time lasting and classic elegance, while the technology will be completely modernised.

- “ It is important to understand the era in which Hotel Kämp was born and at the same time look towards the future. We wanted to embrace Hotel Kämp’s integrity and build on the heritage. We aim to create a timeless and elegant room experience with lighter and more inviting ambiance. Hotel Kämp deserves to be a globally recognised Grand beauty. ” says Eva-Marie Eriksson, founder and senior designer at Design Agency Fyra.

The hotel's public spaces, including lobbies, receptions, restaurants, bars and suites, will be designed by London-based Archer Humphryes Architects. Inspired by culture, nature and history, the hotel's public spaces will be redesigned. Public spaces play an important role in creating the first impression and the overall ambience of the hotel, and therefore investment in them is a high priority.

“A great hotel is a performance in progress, somewhere between ‘museum’ and ‘theatre’, every element of the interior’s sensual experiences contribute to the wellbeing and pleasure of the guests while they live and relax. The hotel architects and interior designers role is to create the backdrop for this scene to flourish, placing the architectural and design work within a culturally informed context in order to appeal to the clientele. This is the approach Archer Humphryes Architects are taking as we redesign such an important piece of Helsinki’s story; Hotel Kämp. ” – says David Archer and Julie Humphryes of Archer Humphryes Architects.

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Hotel Kämp, opened in 1887, is Helsinki's most prestigious classic luxury hotel. Hotel Kämp offers its guests top-class accommodation and all the services of a five-star hotel. The hotel features a high quality restaurant, a bar serving classic cocktails, banquet and event facilities and a luxurious spa. The hotel is located in the heart of Helsinki on the Pohjoisesplanadi, close to popular attractions, experiences and shopping. www.hotelkamp.com/