Symposion meeting space in Helsinki

Symposion is a distinct meeting, party and event space that sets the standard for modern meeting venues in Helsinki city centre. Located in the classic ambiance of grand hôtel Kämp, the space is created and designed with technology elements for any events. With a capacity ranging from 60 to 200 persons, Symposion offers a versatile setting for various gatherings.

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The modern meeting venue

A unique Event Experience

Symposion offers a contemporary and holistic event experience through an effortless and top-quality preparation procedure. The ambiance, colour scheme, and soundscape of Symposion can be uniquely tailored for every event. The high-end technology integrated into Symposion enables the user a smooth execution of the event and offers the participants a solid experience – both on the spot and online.

Latest technical innovations

The 9-meter wide display surface of Symposion guarantees the event’s visual impressiveness, acting both as a digital background and a projecting platform for presentations and videos during the event. In addition, the technology embedded in the space now allows remote participants to be part of the event. Similarly, live streaming and live recording provide first-class participation experience irrespective of location. The presence of fixed lights and sound equipment is made subtle by the structures of Symposion. Moreover, seamless execution of events is ensured, with careful consideration given to space controls, microphone setups, loading of presentations and videos, and web addresses.

Seamless live video streaming

An event organized in Symposion and the contents presented at the event can be viewed live online as a high-quality video stream, and as a recording afterwards. Streams are recorded with multi-camera technology whose basic setup consists of three cameras. Event participants, both on-site and off-site, can use their mobile devices to view presentation materials, vote, give feedback, and comment in real-time, being anonymous if necessary. Remote connection allows speakers, even those from the other side of the globe, to be on display of the space via a high-quality stream.

Kämp is home to memorable and impressive events

Kämp has been the scene of many significant events since its opening in 1887. A central location in the heart of Helsinki, first-class services, a Kämp-like atmosphere, and long traditions have altogether created a framework for successful events throughout the past decades. With Symposion, the opportunities for memorable events at Kämp further expand, attributed by its flexibility in combining with Akseli and Jean event venues allowing events of up to hundreds of guests to be arranged in the combined spaces. Meetings arranged in Symposion can be packaged with a dinner hosted in the luxurious Mirror Room.

Symposion 360° Experience