Kämp Spa closes for renovation, to open spring 2017

Kämp Hotel 03, January 2017

Dear Kämp Spa customer,

We will be making Kämp Spa even more attractive this winter. As a result, the spa will close January 8 to allow us to extend the renovation of Hotel Kämp to the 8th floor. During this time Kämp Spa will be completely overhauled, providing our customers with significantly improved amenities and service. 

Kämp Spa is a true world of wellness in the center of Helsinki, and with the renovation it will even better reflect the quality that customers of Hotel Kämp expect.

“I am pleased that the renovation will now be extended to the spa as well. We have been waiting for this a long time. The renovation of the spa marks a significant step in the development of our services,” says Tuomas Liewendahl, General Manager of Hotel Kämp.

The validity of unused gift vouchers for Kämp Spa will be extended by the duration of the renovation. We welcome you to be among the first to experience our new facilities when Kämp Spa reopens in spring 2017.

We regret the service interruption caused by the renovation, but we promise that it will be worth the wait!