​ Kämp Afternoon Tea - Finest Tea Moments in Helsinki

Kämp Hotel 02, April 2019

Tradition combined with talent

Kämp owns centuries of tradition in exceeding expectations – grand style. It goes on today as the Chef de Cusine Timo Ruosteoja and Pastry Chef Guilherme Guise make savoury and sweet dreams come true with their teams. All the Kämp Afternoon Tea products are hand-made in Kämp’s kitchen and pastry department from the finest ingredients.

In the Classic Afternoon Tea, the extensive range of over 15 teas is accompanied by a selection of finely cut sandwiches, other distinctive savories and freshly baked scones with crème crue and a variety of homemade jams. The sweet side of the Afternoon Tea is the exquisite pastry creations including classic and more modern variety of pasties.

Along with the Classic Afternoon Tea, Hotel Kämp offers a Grand Afternoon Tea with the finest and most prestigious selection of Afternoon Tea delicacies. Grand Tea moment includes picante treats topped with truffle and caviar. In addition, the Grand Afternoon Tea is accompanied by exquisite raspberry and white chocolate parfait.


Unforgettable Tea Experience

The unmatchable Afternoon Tea experience at Kämp is created by combining the heavenly flavours with the ambiance and impeccable grand hôtel service. Why not savour a glass of Champagne to add some sparkle to the occasion? Both the Classic Afternoon Tea and the Grand Afternoon Tea are available with a glass of "R" de Ruinart Champagne. The elegant occasion is complemented by the breath-taking view to the Esplanade Park – the final ingredient to ensure the Afternoon Tea at Kämp is, quite simply, unforgettable.

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The short history of Afternoon Tea

The ritual of afternoon tea started with Anna, Duchess of Bedford. During the nineteenth century it was common to eat only two main meals: an early breakfast and then a late dinner. However, Her Ladyship got hungry. Rather than battle the hunger pangs she started to take tea and snacks each afternoon in the privacy of her bedroom. Eventually the duchess' well-heeled friends began joining her in this tea ritual, the story goes, and the practice spread in aristocratic circles.

Kämp takes pride in bringing the tea tradition to the Finnish ladies in the late 1900th century: the first reading salon for women was established at Hotel Kämp at 1880’s, serving tea and other beverages while giving a place for the ladies to discuss and mingl. Otherwise up until 1970’s it was forbidden for women to enter restaurants without male company.


“High Tea” vs.” Low Tea”

 Afternoon tea is sometimes referred to as “low tea" because the ladies would sit in low armchairs while sipping. Despite its name, “high tea” originated in fact among the lower classes. In the 1800s, dinner was served midday and the working stiffs didn't have the luxury of an afternoon lunch break. Instead they took tea right after work with pies, meats and cheeses to ease their hunger. Both terms "high tea" and "low tea" refer to the height of the tables on which the afternoon tea was served – “high tea” being served at the dinner table.


How to do Afternoon Tea

Many has attempted to dictate the ‘proper’ way to have the afternoon tea, but really the only rule is to relax and enjoy the moment. The helpful Kämp staff will guide all the way though the experience and assist with all requirements. So, warmest of welcomes to experience the Kämp Afternoon Tea.